Guard Rail Machine / W Beam Machine

The Guard Rail Machines and W Beam Machines are one of the most significant machines we produce, as they are extra heavy duty machines which are made with high precision and best quality roll tools and material.
As these machines seamlessly produce the best quality highway guard rails which last longer and has superior design for both 2 Wave and 3 Wave machines.
These guard rail machines are compact than the other unnecessary huge and bulky machines which consumes more power, time and money.
The Machine’s parts are all made with precision and experienced personals, with optimum quality roll tools so you never have to worry about the quality.
The Roll tools are carved in highly precise CNC machines which gives it best quality and long life as we say “Quality & Service are the main ingredients of our Machines”

Guardrail Roll Forming Machine


This kind of Guardrail roll forming Machine are made with highly durable and strong Structures, which can produce wide range of highway products including steel guardrails and signposts, and our experience has set the standard in high quality and high through-put.

Tech Specs: U Channel Machine

  • Perfect W Section
  • Guard Rail Quality
  • With Punching system
  • Ambient for Road Safety
  • Higher strength due to better curve
  • Speed: 8-10 mtr


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